Are there any GOOD, FREE Source recording editors?

I’ve been meaning to make a set of movies/tutorials for Garry’s Mod and other games, but I don’t have any editors to edit the .avi’s together.

I already know the console things to record a demo, and to startmovie, host_framerate, I already do this.
I have tried using Windows Movie Maker but it face-raped the quality.

So I need a good, free editing software. I need to be able to add my microphone’s voice into it too.

Thanks if anyone can help :slight_smile:

well, I don’t know of any free ones, but if you have the money, try getting Sony Vegas, it’s pretty good

I don’t have any money, just got fired from my job. All I want to do is take my clip, and add voice to it without raping the quality. It is a source recorded clip, it is now an AVI. I tried using Divx Author Demo or something, it completely sucked and ruined the quality of everything.

Use the trial of sony vegas, it’s 30 days long.