Are there any good Garry's Mod servers out there?

Okay, now, I’ve been away from Garry’s Mod for a long time. And for about half a year, I’ve barely touched the game at all. Before then, I played on two (now dead) deathrun and jailbreak servers. I have also noticed the fact that Garry’s Mod is, for the most part, dead when it comes to advertising servers. I remember back when “Games in Progress” had as many Garry’s Mod servers as it has Minecraft servers now. The game is old, and Facepunch doesn’t really run any of its own servers anymore (that are successful at least), so I was just wondering if there were any good servers out there that still have a good community. Browsing the server list gets tiresome, and half of it is plagued with shitty 0/10 player DarkRP servers. All I am asking, is if anyone who is still active in Garry’s Mod, has any IP addresses for some nice servers that are running nicely. At this point I’ll accept anything, except for T.T.T. and Build.

Give this server a try:

u could try usin the filter options on server browser :stuck_out_tongue:
classic build servers are always fun tho :slight_smile: