Are there any good modelling programs?

I’m trying to headhack using Taggart’s tutorial, but I do not own 3DMax and there are no(as far as I know)cracked downloads that don’t involve keygens(I’m not really a fan of keygens). I have tried to use milkshape and a couple of other programs,but can never find the plugins or anything for the headhacking to work. Are there any good programs with the right plugins? (If I’m correct I can’t ask for cracked software)

3DSMaxTrial, Get.

Apply for Student License == Free.

I thought the Student license only gets you a discount. That said, what if he isn’t a student?

I think you can use Blender for modelling source-models…

Yeah, Blender is one of the best free options there are out there.

Use Blender and make sure to check out:

Honestly, I’ve always found Milkshape to be the most effective for me. Blender is great if you’re going to get VERY detailed, but Milkshape does it for me. They’ve got a HL2 model compiler built in making it quicker for me.

Who said you have to tell the truth? I’d recommend Blender because I think it’s more user-friendly.

I can confirm the free license, I use it for compiling airplanes for FSX. My modeling goes down in Solidworks. It’s hardily optimal though, as you’ll have to go through and cut face counts later