Are there any good, serious machinima out there?

I’ve been lurking the Videos section and it seems like most of the “good” machinima videos are slapstick and non sequitur, with little to no plot. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy silly videos just as much as the next guy, but I do find it somewhat strange that I have failed to find any sort of good machinima videos with a tangible plot.

Anyway, now to my request. Could any of you share what you think is a good machinima? Underrated, overrated, shameless self-promotion, or ancient; it doesn’t matter to me, as long as it was created with Gmod and has an actual plot to it I’m interested. It doesn’t have to be completely devoid of humor, either, as long as the meat of the video isn’t just random humor.

This greatly offends me.

(Was so goddamn close to posting a rickroll you wouldn’t believe)

Well there is a bunch of groups (most of which are decommissioned), but to specify:

Visit their youtube page for the videos, it’s usually on the website; but if not they provide the link.

As for singular videos:

The Monad:

I can’t think of any other ones at the moment.

Some people who post here have plots.
I make a series about a crazyed guy.
ep2, I wont bother posting ep1 its total shit in my opinion.

a friend of mine has two series, that both have deep plot, one about zombies, the other about time travel.

the zombie one, “zombie rising part 1”

the time traveling one “A day in time part 1”


Users to keep a look out for posts:
pixel guys
faolco and his hotwirefilms group.
max- the guy whos making the ghost series.
and me if you like a good murder

It’s not a series. It’s a one-time film! :v:

but your previous series that was on
You make movies with plot.