Are there any good shooting target textures?

I have a major problem right now: For the map I’m making, I need a highly detailed, big, shooting range HUMAN silhouette. However, I can’t seem to find a good shooting target texture ANYWHERE. I’ve looked in Google, the Mapper’s Encyclopedia, all major mod databases, and some texture download sites and they either don’t have it or the ones they have don’t have enough detail, they aren’t what I want, or their quality is crap. The closest thing to what I want is the Smod: Tactical shooting range one but it’s still too low detail for my taste.

This is the only thing keeping me from continuing working on the map and I need one BAD.

Anyone that can provide me with one is greatly appreciated.

You can’t make your own?

Not that type (but I may use it later). I meant a human shaped one.

Like this?

Brilliant. This is something along the lines of what I want. A more detailed one (I mean target wise, not quality of picture) is preferred if you can find one. Otherwise, this will do fine.

I was actually needing a target texture. What luck I have coming across this.

High res: