Are there any HD texture replacement packs?

Well, that describes my question… I’ve tried copying over the textures from FakeFaktory’s “Materials” folder within the HL2, Episodic, and EP2 folder, yet my game crashes upon entry of a map. Maybe there is a pack especially for Gmod. I’m wondering since I’m into RP, yet get sick of the low-res textures. Thanks!

As far as I am aware there are only replacement packs for HD skins for NPC’s and Weapons, however, I could be completely wrong.

You shouldn’t crash. Since I’m not a fan of downloading 13292139 gb + mods from FF, I’ve only got his CM3 installed, but I’ve deleted all skins for humans because they are not so good imo. So I only keep the textures for objects and maps. I’ve put the materials folder inside steamapps/garrysmod/hl2

Try doing that.

I seem to always get this “Lua Error Dump” message upon crash.

Well, then it’s probably a Lua error. Are you sure you only copied his materials folder?

I’m running his 2.0 textures just fine, but that was before he started fucking with the maps and their materials.

There is a mod for HL2 making it all fakefactory. Its about 12.2 GB so I did not install it. Here is the link to the website:
To be clear to me where did you copy your files from? A Garry’s Mod add-on to your Half-Life 2 Folders?

Straight from the FakeFactory folders named, HL2, Episodic, and EP2, I placed the materials/models from there into my garrysmod/hl2, then tried garrysmod/garrysmod. I just wish there was a pack directed to working with GMOD.