Are There Any Huge Terrain Maps For Garrys Mod

Me and my friend were talking about how amazing it would be if Garrys Mod was huge and open world. Building citys with trains and roads connecting them cool stuff like that

Not really possible due to the map size limit of the source engine. Can’t go bigger than flatgrass

I’ve seen maps much bigger than flatgrass.

What maps exactly? You might be able to go a little bigger but not a lot


the absolute limit is -16384, 16384
not sure if you can get a map of those dimensions to actually compile though, theres a lot of weird errors going on when you start pushing the limits from my experience with hammer

flatgrass is about -15360,15360 so I wouldnt call 6% bigger much bigger anyway
bigcity is about -13300,13300ish

Some maps i’ve seen use several levels piled on top of each other utilizing the vertical space. And then using (glitchy) teleports to move between them.

Do you think the map size limit will be removed in the future? If source engine 2 comes out i wonder if Gmod will move to it

you would certainly need better graphic cards

I mean removed as in optimized enough that we dont need the limit

no gmod won’t move to source 2, if you want this kind of thing then you’ll need to create a gmod-like game in cryengine or unity3d or some other game engine capable of handling massive maps and more complex physics simulations than source

I believe there’s gm_tera and gm_worldwide

(Could be wrong but it’s something like that)

If you want something that’s big and prebuilt, I’d go with gm_bigcity.

If I remember correctly Flatgrass fills up 1/4 of the grid in Hammer

I saw someone on moddb saying he’s “porting the maps of GTA SA to gmod”
lol liar

if you scale shit it’s possible, but that would take forever and it’s pointless

Whoops, I’m thinking of the old flatgrass. Apologies