Are there any in depth tutorials on playing?

Me and my friends have been trying to play for a little while, but people always have better stuff. They have researched shotguns and whenever we try to set up base in really well hidden or uncommon areas we get killed. Three times in a row we have set up base close to the servers villain. What do we do to get good guns and stuff? How do people even get C4?

Just for clarity, they were seperate servers so different server villains.

u can always play on a modded, low pop server

I’d rather get better at the vanilla rust.

Kill someone with kevlar and guns and Wa La you are now geared up

But how do we kill them with crappy revolvers when they have way better weapons.

use the rock Luke…
but killing full kevs isnt really hard though
all u have to do is get melee weapons suchs as the OP rock and hatchet and bash their skulls
(though its kinda tricky trying to avoid hits)

Uhm whenever we try to kill them with rock or hatchet we get destroyed so fast ;-;

observe they’re movements and they do for example: u see them going to get ore and wood every 1-10 minutes so u hide at their house and wait till they come and start attacking when they open they’re door…or u can play fire with fire and start getting M4s and M5s

I guess my question is how do people get the m4’s and m5’s in the first place?

you know those towns that if you stay in them long enogh u start hearing ticking and u eventually die? yeah those places

Ahh lol thanks

Yes, I have a guide that may help you. You can find it at this forum post.

The main point is finding a server to play on. Other tips will be coming very soon! Including how to get all your stuff. But if you go to the website guide (link in the forum post above,) there is a map link with some information that will help you out now about items in the game and where to start your base.

Hope this helps you enjoy the game more. Rust is amazing, and I hope more people will make guides and help new players out. Cheers.

Killing zombies makes them leave backpacks you can search which have random items.

Old structures around the map usually have at least one case or crate with random items in them.

These items range from everything except wood, stone, ore and explosives… I found most of my weapons by just killing zombies and searching old buildings. I either find the actual weapon or a blue print to learn how to craft that weapon.

Same with armour.