Are there any moderated high population vanilla servers?

Every time I get on a server with a large amount of people playing on it that is seemingly vanilla there’s always some stupid “Vote to get a free M4 and Full kevlar!” that completely breaks the game.
I would play official, but the hackers have ran everyone out of it and the highest that it gets now is 50 as opposed to the old medium of 100 players.

Does anyone have a server that i’m asking about?

I live in the United States, but that doesn’t really matter since I’ve been able to play on Australian servers just fine due to my internet.

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Can a moderator/admin move this to the server section of rust?

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Actually, since I already know a high population Australian Server that is always packed with people at night I would like a server in my time zone if possible.
It would really be great if I could always play on servers with large amounts of people.