Are there ANY more serious Hl2RPs in GMod?

I’m starting to doubt that there is. I don’t mean serious as in, “WEBULZ vErZes teh CumbeanZ G0WE G0E G0E” or any other forms of hardcore phys gunning props around the map, I mean REAL serious RolePlay.

Short post and I probably already know the answer, but seriously I wish there would be just one good RolePlaying community left.

You could come join us at German Occupation Roleplay, not exactly HL2RP but you could understand it easily.

For you, since OpenAura is broken we’re holding on a re-launch shortly.
We considered TacoScript but it’s not really what we were looking for.

We’ve got a custom edit of city 45 and generally have 30ish people. I’m not going to say we’re perfect as I’d be lying but we do try our best.

Less advertising, more helpful suggestions, perhaps? Guys?

I’ve given up on HL2RP. It’s too stagnant and slow to draw in any sort of consistent audience without fucking up the canon entirely.

I’m pretty sure when he asked for HL2RP servers he kinda wanted people to advertise