Are there any more Serious RP Communities?

I’ve been out of the game for a long time, and decided to get back into it over the Summer. After being inactive since the Gmod13 update, I noticed a dramatic drop in Serious RP servers and communities within the server browser. Sure, they were pretty rare to begin with, and the niche has always been rife with imposters and false claims, but you used to be able to find at least a handful; now it seems like even the larger communities have dissolved their RP elements altogether. It could be that things have changed since I was last active, but I’m having trouble finding any among the waves and waves of TTT, DarkRP, “modern life RP”, and others.

So I ask you all this: what are some good Serious RP communities that are out there? (Extra points if it isn’t a cliched setting e.g. videogame universe, post-apoc, modern-life, etc).
And if you believe there are none, why is that? Did the demand just dry up and all the communities closed up shop?
And how come Tiramisu, the open-source RP gamemode that was intended to start some sort of RP revolution, is only being used in a grand-total of one server?

Thanks for the responses.

SeriousRP is considered taboo nowadays. Only kids and autistic 13-year olds spend time setting up a “Serious DarkRP server”
Alot of players find it sucks the fun out of the experience.
the closest to a serious RP that you will find is probably a well-administrated PERP server, but thats just my two cents.

I think it’s just that people are unwilling to RP. And of course, every community is unoriginal. I see a bunch of HL2RPs/FalloutRPs that are basically just Clockwork/Tacoscript. I had more fun with Cakescript and Tiramisu/2. This is why I’m particularly looking forward to things like Vein gaining popularity, as they’re the only god damn things which promote a different style of RP. And no, do not even TALK about ‘Serious DarkRP’. It was good in the hay day, but now it’s just a piss take at how we can’t move on. I prefer the good old ‘make your own story’ servers. For example, I used to play on a short-lived server which was actually pretty engaging in the events, with mind-fuckery and the likes, but lack of management etc. made it collapse.

One constant problem I find in most serious RP is that people rarely look for others to start a scenario with etc. And server rules don’t help matters. For example, in HL2RP not having access to the slums at all because of ‘lolwebuls’ is annoying because people can actually roleplay there; which is why another thing infuriates me: the playerbase. Admins seem to exist solely for events and cyber sessions, and players seem to lack a certain creativity which is always appreciated in roleplay…might be all the times they try to molest or detest everyone else. These are the people who abuse places and features such as constantly running into areas for the fun of it without actually stopping to talk or anything.

Here is a summary of some unruly classes:

The New Player - Fresh Prince of DarkRP or decent individual with no sway in the server.

The Hard Hat - Has experienced every horror known to man, so obviously they are privileged to win every fight, refuse to roll in fights (I don’t really mind if it’s play-to-lose though), engage in fights where they basically just move backward and forwards swinging their fists with no co-ordination, and is obviously allowed to walk into restricted areas and /yell about how they are undermining the regime in order to gain the ability to shoot people. Just because you hate a faction, doesn’t mean it’s okay to constantly shit on the street in front of them and proceed to invite the kool-kids club to Area 51 for pizza (AKA FearRP).

The Primarch - Other players tend to band around a single figure with power, and they are always right, right?

The Donation Sensation - Typically the inability to restrict access to shit like dynamite exclusively, thus ruining RP that requires tools by requiring payment for privilege. It’s often the people who are willing to pay that will start throwing cans and bottles everywhere whilst rarely using it to enhance RP.

The Bore - Do I have to say anything more than: sets up their rules in a situation/server which basically deny having fun. e.g. FearRP doesn’t mean I scream literally every time a superior faction member talks to me (whimpers are enough). Or PainRP where it is never enforced in RP /me shootouts but then get PMs in the middle of a shoot-to-kill battle saying that I was hit in the leg, forcing me to stop shooting and write out a /me.

The Slave - Seriously, just stop mopping the god damn floor already.

The Overseers - People with high importance IC and OOC. Basically, listen to the shitty speech laden with waffle.

The Slow Actor - Always takes 3-30 minutes to type something. If I had to experience all the times I had to sit there and watch the ‘Talking…’ text above a person’s head, I’d waste three days of my life.

Now, as to what you were saying about Tiramisu, it was a good idea in general. Not to mention that I even thought it was good just from looking at it in singleplayer. But unfortunately for most communities, it requires more effort as you don’t already have the useless illegal xeno-biology books and guns from the start, therefore you have to actually ADD the item to the server. And of course, Clockwork and its identical twin successor already have stuff to use. And some people seem to think that an open-source project is just going to be worked on by one person so that they can just swipe the stuff and complain about it not working.

It shows how RP is now based on pyramids of power instead of communities. If people aren’t bothering to add to the gamemode they use for real, like new gamemode features rather than shallow gameplay features (now u can bi 20 cyustom carz on hour server), then gamemodes like Clockwork are the only ones which will survive.

Just how I feel, so there’s most likely some exaggeration or contradiction.

I think the problem with serious roleplay is:

  1. It’s difficult to get into for most people
  2. Unique stuff often gets pushed aside in place of the same generic shit, it is hard to run a community outside of HL2/Fallout and you will often see 0/26 due to no interest for unique stuff.
  3. There is usually nothing to do, it becomes boring very quick.
  4. Admins power game and cheat like no other, I was shoot at by an OTA soldier on this aftermath server at point blank so when I completely wrecked him he banned me with the reason “lolshoot”
  5. /me’s are overused, seriously if it is visual then you can seriously screw off because you saw it just happen there is no need for further explanation and the confusion over this sometimes gives me a headache.

I plan to fix these issues with my server but I doubt it will go anywhere regardless of quality due to the fact nobody will probably bother to show interest or they will just laugh at me straight out because I am trying something different then the generic HL2 / Cider Two

The problem with every roleplay gamemode is that no one pays attention to economics or the developers place to much blame for their shitty coding skills on the players[yay rules].
Age old example; Pulsar Effect’s Serious RP server, and the bullshit regarding needing to do “/y Raid!” or “/me pulls out <firearm> and loads a magazine”.
Lockpicks could be heard throughout an entire building! Why couldn’t that be the “/y raid!”?
And for the whole “/me pulls out firearm” why couldn’t it just be done via game mechanics?
Pulling out a gun would take three to five seconds, and in that time frame the user would say at least two to three /me’s regarding their action(like RP08/Cider). Hell you could even have it so when the player reloaded a magazine they could shout, “Cover me, I’m reloading!” But no, that actually makes sense, and would remove drama from roleplay servers… Can’t have that.

And with every roleplay server to date we’ve got this issue with terrible economic systems in place… Almost every server has implemented some form of money printer(contraband), which shits out money every seven minutes. Thanks to this the entire server’s economy is inflated, and nothing can be truly done by it because every player is trying to make money somehow.
With that also in mind, money printers are always illegal! So if you want to try and get somewhere in the server you are fighting an uphill battle against the Police Force, and other contrafarmers!

In regards to SeriousRP mostly though, players are so afraid of interacting with each other because they don’t want to get banned or are afraid they’ll turn into some thirteen year old’s virtual sex toy.

How to fix all of this though? Add currency to a gamemode like Stranded, and slow down the process of gathering, producing, and selling items. Bam. You just created the best RP gamemode ever.

Just saying. Then there’s always TnB

It’s just an attitude thing, in my opinion. That and tons of drama. I used to play with a community for around 2 years, as well as administrated it. I eventually quit though simply because I needed to stop playing.

A lot of things I observed were player disputes, both on the server, in our ventrilo, and on the server’s forum. People would always align with others they agree with and I’m not sure if there was an issue settled with a compromise. Most issues were solved with “This is what the director(s) want.”

Then there were issues with the environment. Our server sectioned off the slums, and prevented our Metrocops from patrolling into it unless the city went into a full lockdown. This essentially created two parts of the map: “The boring place with a bunch of apartments and police” or “The lawless hive where everyone is a rebel and has tons of guns.” and it was pretty obvious which one was more popular for the veteran players. However new players had no easy way of getting into the slums. Plus, our server didn’t do applications for rebellion. You had to make a character and do everything through roleplay with people. Of course though, the main rebel leaders with all the guns and black market connections are hard to talk to, and everyone who’s alligned with them are equally as secretive.

Then there’s a problem with drama and arguments. My least favorite part about GMOD RP. Too many times, scenarios and events turn into our long Local OOC arguments. There’s argument about what would be “realistic”, typically. I once killed off someone’s character (For what I’d say are very sensible reasons), I acted out the entire act of holding him over electrified train-tracks and shooting him in the heart. Once he learned that his year(s) old character was now gone forever, it initiated a several hour long Ventrilo discussion about how he could have survived because of a bullet proof vest and arguments whether the tracks were really electric. After an hour of begging over Ventrilo, nothing changed for him.
(I’ll admit I onced argued for too long over the death of one of my characters, but I guess that’s what happens when you flip the roles around)

If I were to ever return to RP, I’d just make my characters temporary. If I get shot for whatever reason, I’ll act out the process of slowly bleeding out because I’m sure that would be a lot more entertaining for everyone as opposed to arguing about it for the next half hour.

tl;dr: People argue too much, and there will never be a perfect and realistic RP environment for as long as people hold their characters (and legacy) over the RP their involved in.

I think there’s a lot to be said about people and the opinions they have…
In essence there is only ever one way to roleplay in gmod. Regardless of how many jobs you put in and what ever you call them, the baddies will always steal, want guns and shoot people while the goodies will always have no money, have no guns or have power.

It tends to be the case that everyone goes down the theft and gangster route in order to get money clearly because every necessity to play the game comes at a price only available to those who are stealing or laundering the money. That therefore makes every other job automatically worthless unless you have been playing in those crime orientated jobs for ages.

There’s also that good old rule element about RP whereby there is essentially only one way in which you can play because of the rules. Regardless of how you do it, If you shoot and kill someone or arrest them, the opposing party will always say you broke the rules and that is when the OOC bullshit begins.

There is no logic in the way RP is set up and therefore you will never get serious play and TBH I think anyone that wants serious roleplay is just trying to say “I’m better then these poxy kids, find me some older people”