Are there any No More Heroes ragdolls for Gmod?

I noticed that someone has ripped the beam Katana models and someone has ripped Bad Girl (but no download), so it must be possible to rip them, but I can’t find ragdolls.

Are there any currently out with DLs that I missed with weak google foo? If not, can anyone rip some? I would like at least Travis (default/“classic” outfit) and Shinobu (from either game) if someone wants to do this.

Some guy on GameBanana has Travis as a replacement for TF2’s Scout and a few of the beam weapon models, check there.

They’d probably have to be hexed though.

Sorry to bring this old thing up, due to actually finding this that peaked my interest. Would love to see some No more Heroes Models, especially Travis Touchdown and some beam katana props.

Edit: I mean from the second game, since that game is definitely the better one to port.