Are there any plans to make houses safer?

I’ll be blunt here.
It’s way too easy to get into a house at this point in time.
I really don’t feel like wanting to play this game because whenever i finally get somewhere, as soon as i log off all my progress is gone.

I can’t make a house and come back on to the same house, i spawn in the middle of nowhere and then find a wall gone on my house, or the door has been blown off.
It’s just not exactly fun.

I believe traps are in the works, or at least talked about a lot so I would expect them soonish.

And I know how you feel, maybe try a server with no c4 or no craftable c4, I found those much more enjoyable. Since c4 can only be found and grenades can still be used to raid to an extent. There are also some servers called something like “sleepers off” where your body along with all items will disappear when you log off.

after a wipe 1 week and half of the players on a server is runing arround with like 5 c4…

If you are solo playing and can’t even play everyday (or play like 2-3 hours per day after work or school) you should really learn how to hide your house, and keep it as simple as possible (stay away from main roads/routes).
Spread your stash around multiple houses (1x1x1 is just fine).
Hide your most valuable items in a few small stashes hidden behind something, behind a crate… somewhere people don’t usually look for.

It’s all about survival.

I know… You would like to have a big house aswell next to the small rad town or something… but, unfortunately you can’t at the current game stage, so you have to adapt.

That’s my 2cents… And what keeps me and my friend alive long enough to start raiding aswell.

They already made houses safer by making walls take twice as much C4 to blow

Sorry is that noted anywhere? I missed that.