Are there any PrisonRP servers?

I dont see any, but if there were some, it would be amazing. Im not talking about Jailbreak though, im talking about real serious Prison Role-Play. I was just thinking after playing Jailbreak, what if there was a Clockwork, or even a DarkRP server that was made for prison role-play?

I think if there was, you would get a lot of people playing on it. Ive seen talk of it before, but there arent really any actual servers.

Just an idea. If anyone agrees, let me know!

Also, besides the point. A SchoolRP server would not be half bad. Lol I have a ton of ideas, but these two go through my head pretty often.

You could always start one. It wouldn’t need a lot of work to set up.

I’m not so sure either of your ideas would be that popular, though. SchoolRP? Do you do math homework for hours or what? JailRP wouldn’t be a lot more than getting abused by the guards or fighting each other in the yard, although if that’s what people want, go ahead and start it.

I would love a Prison Type of Role-Play…

You would have to use Clockwork for the base though, or it would just turn into a mingefest.

But either way. This would be wonderful.

uhh clockwork doesnt mean there will be less idiots
infact there are probably going to be more.

I don’t understand why you think prison role playing is even remotely enjoyable. Do you expect people to do things such as sitting in a cell, eating at the cafeteria, or walking in a yard, turn toothbrushes into stabbing weapons, with the once in a while prison fight? I mean being in a prison isn’t fun in real life, so why would I want to spend time being a virtual person stuck in a prison?

Same principle applies to school RP.

What’s nice about it being in a video game is that you can make it fun, it doesn’t have to be super serious sad and depressing like real life.

Well it does give the people themselves less power.

Such as, you cant just walk around with a weapon. And if you even AQUIRE a weapon, you would actually be proud to have it. Clockwork makes everything more realistic, giving idiots less power. You have to actually spend time to get anywhere in Clockwork.