Are there any programs for "painting" materials on a model/UVW?

I’m having a bit of a hard time texturing my models the traditional way. Are there any programs that allow you to directly “paint” materials on your model in real time?

I’ve heard of Substance Designer, but I’m not sure if that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

If you have Photoshop (at least Photoshop CS3, but later versions work as well), you can try using Quixel’s Legacy dDo It’s unfortunately no longer available from Quixel’s main site, but this is a great alternative download for it since the Legacy version was released for free. It gives you the ability to work with some preset materials that you can modify to obtain the right look for your textures while also providing you with a live rendering window to show the changes you make to the model’s UVW map. There’s also some tutorials on how to work with it on the same site as the download (also courtesy of the guy that uploaded the installer for Legacy dDo), which should also cover any questions you have regarding the program.

There’s also the “Viewport canvas” tool in 3ds Max that supports PSD files, layers, basic dodge and burn, a 2d view that shows the UV map overlayed on top of the image (togglable), fill tools for model elements, live image updating if you edit the image in Photoshop (though that’s just native to 3ds Max and not inherently part of the tool, and viewport canvas editor can’t be open) and some other stuff. Downside is that it can be laggy/buggy, and the program itself is not free. Though it’s what I have to use since I don’t have Photoshop CS#, just Elements 8.

I only have GIMP as of right now, but I’ll give those options a try.

Is this how most people texture their models? Just editing the UV map in an image editor seems like it can only go so far. (I’m still fairly new to modeling if you couldn’t tell. :v:)

Photoshop CC 2015 has a full-on 3D painting.

You can use all your standard Photoshop operations, but apply them directly onto 3D models. It’s a little quirky around UV seams, but it’s a goddamn lifesaver for things like blending neck seams for headhacks.

Also extremely useful for things like tattoos that either cross UV islands, or are distorted on the mesh.


foundry MARI

I use gimp, but its trial and error until I get the shading right.

Look on YT for SubstancePainter tutorials. It’s realy easy to start “painting on models” and obtain some good results (even if You are a programmer).