Are there any programs like Cheating-Death for rust?

CD was an anti-cheat program that server owners could optionally install and require players to have before installing and it was very good at preventing cheating.

There’s VAC

It will come in soon enough. Some servers have ‘FairPlay’ and stuff. But theres so many servers to choose from. And players will always choose the one you just click&join without having to download/install some shitty anicheat to play on


If a game requires an additional download from anyone other than the developer, I avoid it. “Anti-cheat program” sounds like “trojan” to me. And I don’t care about testimonials, because the internet lies.

Mods are an exception, but the second I see an executable, I’ll delete it and move on with life.

The devs explicitly do not want to add an additional cheat monitor (a la Punkbuster) to Rust. VAC has banned “thousands” of cheaters since the new year started.

Isn’t cheating-death the garbage that cracked counter-strike servers used because they couldn’t use VAC (because they were cracked servers)