Are there any Sassilization deathrun server clones? If not, should I make one?

I really miss the Sassilization server suite, and since the server files and most of their gamemodes were released to the public, would it be worth it to open up climb, bunnyhop, deathrun servers that are exactly like theirs ( minus the large community ). Or have people done this already? Their deathrun just seemed so perfect, I was really sad to find out they’d closed down.

Sassilization’s closed down, when’d that happen? I used to love playing the Sassilization gamemode itself, that was actually really fun stuff.

Back in June, they could no longer deal with the non-stop DDoS attacks.

If I can recall correctly, they released the source for pretty much all of their gamemodes, except the sassilization RTS.

Your kidding? Devastating to hear that. I loved playing poker and roullette in the lobby and that RTS minigame was amazing. I hope someone picks it up again.

Yeah, I have them all working except gungame. So I was wondering if I should get them up. Would people play the Sassilization deathrun/climb/bhop gamemodes that aren’t hosted by the Sass team themselves?

I did see a Sassilization server awhile ago with the RTS game mode running, it was empty sadly. I miss that deathrun server.

Various Deathruns exist, such as ours :v:

But what made theirs ‘perfect’?

Sassilization had some pretty awesome servers, I really enjoyed them, especially bhop and lobby.

however i am certain there are a bunch of deathrun gamemodes out there which are more or less identical… but you could always try open your own if you think it’ll work

Deathrun alone didn’t make them great, but it was the pure deathrun experience (they thankfully didn’t go overkill with it) with their standard stuff added on top:
Being a nice community in general.
Providing many servers with different gamemodes all connected in some way.
Excellent coding
Good overall design
Awesome staff

Now, now, now. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here :v:

Sure their stuff is fancy and such, but I’ve looked through much of their released code and it’s not exactly pretty, structured nor particularly efficient.

Without meaning offense to the original authors of course, there are certain compromises you have to make in order to actually finish things, in a reasonable timeframe, or you’ll dwelve in the details forever, unless you’re very good at that kind of things.

why should we listen to you??? your avatar is just ur name Not much people on but closest clone ive seen to orignal