Are there any tutorials for importing CS: S weapons into Gmod?

Are there any tutorials which will show me how to import a weapon from cs s and turn it into a swep? I don’t want to download the cs s weapons pack, because i want to learn lua and i think this would be a great start

Not without converting C++ code to Lua. You can make your own SWEP and put a CS:S model on it, which is what the CS weapon pack did.

As far as I know, Valve haven’t released CS:S source code. So if you want exact replicas, you’ll have to learn to decompile stuff.

all you have to do is to rip the models and textures off the game, open 3dsmax and import them. compile them back to gmods compiling way(every single source engine game got a different system or way of compiling stuff)
after you compile the world model and view model you need to lua it somehow to be a swep

The models already work in GMod; he’s talking about the code side.

do they?

btw you can learn how to use 3dsmax on youtube. you can start off making l4d2 melee weapons.
after you know how to do it. you can learn by ur self how to import modela or rig stuff by ur self. i started off making l4d2 melee weapons from the same tutorial. then i learned by my self how to rig models and stuff

They do: