Are there any VAC Disabled Stranded Servers?

I haven’t played garrysmod for a while and I remember stranded as the most fun gamemode.
Thank you!

VAC disabled as in you’ve got a cracked copy of GMod, or as in you’re VAC banned?

That or he/she wants to use hacks on a stranded server and is too afraid to test their ub3r l33t h@x on a vac-enabled server. Just my thoughts.

Post steam account just in case.

Just sort via VAC…

Long story on the VAC ban. Anyway, I got it during the month VAC was enabled and garry was hiding it.
(Is that even legal?)

Yeah, it is. It says that you could be banned for any modifications in the EULA.

Good luck.

why are you even using hacks…

You got what you deserved from hacking - Bravo! :slight_smile:

Do I see pornstar mod on there…