Are there any Youtube Players for GMOD 13?

Are there any YouTube Players for GMOD 13?

Maybe Including:
Commands for in-game (e.g. !play…)
Plays through whole server
People can mute it.

I dont think there’s a public one, but coderhire has a few

PlayX sounds like what you’re looking for.

Can everyone hear it, I don’t have the spawn menu so we can’t toggle. It’s Deathrun gamemode.

If it’s just for music and other gimmicks you can use this so you can annoy players with EDM.

Thank you so much!

CoderHire should be your last thought when you’re looking for something.

Gives me errors when I add songs.

Thank you for providing the errors and thus the information I need to help you out.

The solution is unicorn.

oops sorry, I’ll get them now.

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How do I install songs, I’ve put them in my sounds folder?

read the description