Are There Even C4 And Gun Bp's

I have a group of 8 people who have spent countless hours hunting for C4 and Gun bp’s in barrels, rad towns and airdrops and have found none. We have all found the explosive bp which is great but is useless with out the C4 blueprint. I just need to know if we are wasting our time here or if we need to just grind more. Also if you have found it some where let me know the area and inside what I’m on the official Washington server.

One guy in my group (4 people) has the C4 BP and we can all make explosives. They’re definitely rare. Haven’t seen any gun BPs other than the eoka pistol though.

Where did he find it and are your playing in experimental

He found it in a rad town crate this past weekend. The previous week the loot tables were fucked up, so it’s not surprising that we didn’t find anything at all. As soon as they fixed them in last Thursday’s update, he found a hatchet BP as well. It’s still the only one we’ve seen all week though.

I have found the bolt-action bp twice and the pistol bp three times in around 30+ hours of play time.
In all that time I have found 9mm ammo bp once. and 12 guage shells bp once. But no 556 which is what I really need.

Ammo is super rare it seems. I wish we had research kits.

Ammo is probably better off expensive/rare.

We’ve been throwing away 5.56 BPs. We all have them and keep finding them over and over again in rad towns.

I have all guns besides the two shot guns, and also no c4 bp.

I keep finding 9mm and 5.56, have explosives, but it’s a rare day that I can stumble across even 1 crate in a rad-town, so haven’t found any guns or C4

If loot distro is to remain how its, the number of rad towns should be scaled to the size of the map, and server owners should choose a map size scaled to the expected number of players.

I play on a server with between 80-100 players on a good evening, and 3 rad towns is not enough, especially after someone goes and walls one off.

More rad towns for busier servers would be nice. Sometimes, 3 just isn’t enough. The option to add more frequent air drops would be nice too. I know there are mods that can do this, but it would be nice to have that functionality available to server admins on a vanilla server.

This. It would be handy if admins could set the number of rad-towns and their properties (number of boxes, frequency of spawns, ect).

the admin can just type to make an airdrop. i know its annoying to have to do it manually but its better than nothing.

I found the c4 bp in the medi radtown at 6am :slight_smile: