Are there less Garry's Mod servers?

I remember not too long ago, when I would go to play Garry’s Mod there would always be a wide range of servers.
But now, especially later at night it seems that most servers don’t have any players, and even in the day. There
are just Darkrp and TTT servers. Only two Zombie Survivals, and one of them has no players at night! I remember
when there was at least five Zombie Survivals. I also have noticed that people have found ways to crash the
server from inside the game, and I have seen it affect servers where the owners get fed up and quit.
Have you noticed the lack of servers/diversity too?
Will the crashing problems be fixed in Gmod 13?

Garry’s Mod is more popular than it ever was before.

People are just prolly taking down servers at times to fix something most likely. Or they ran outta cash to keep the servers up.

To be honest i had my suspicions, because i remember logging into Gmod and there were roughly 400 servers and then another night there were something like 200, It maybe due to server crashes or server restarts, i’m not sure. :v:

We get a thread like this every month
Yes/No. More people are starting up servers and shutting down servers

Let me sum it all up in two simple points.

A) Get’s money and starts up server
B) Loses money from loss of people/lack of donations/lack of money as a whole and is forced to shut down

This gives way to a “Hopefully” new cycle of people starting servers that can be fresh and open to new ideas, instead of the drag of old servers.

Well I would love to host a server, But until Linux support is fixed I can’t and wont be.

Windows servers typically cost more and with a lot of hosts switching to Linux nodes and/or stopping due to the amount of pathetic DDOS’ing that goes on, the amount of hosts are falling.

Garry needs to fix Linux servers (Unless he has in the last 2 ish months)

Other then jeeps Linux Garrysmod servers run fine.

and iirc there are constraint issues on linux too

I haven’t seen any to be honest. Could you describe them for me?

I believe it’s as simple as normal constraints (ie. welding lots of props together) causes insane amounts of lags (compared to the exact same thing on a Windows server)

It’s fine. Only 12% of a core being used, stable at 33tick and no ping increase.

go by ‘stats’ in srcds’s console, not (h)top

I’m not interested in that. This is all that matters to me:

The tickrate is stable at 33.

CPU In (KB/s) Out (KB/s) Uptime Map changes FPS Players Connects
0.00 0.00 0.00 2 0 66.70 0 0

It doesn’t work on the linux server apparently.

Well like I said last time I tried to host a gmod server on Linux it lagged like hell, I have just tried again but its always seg faulting, Did garry forget files again?

Also have you modified your Linux kernel or gmod files?


I am a server owner I have a decent rp and a fun community but nobody joins and the crash thing is really the main problem garrys mod needs to be fixed so we can be an rp server with actual people on lol

Or is it just because there are more RP servers than people on earth?