Are There Official Server Admins Monitoring Hackers?

Our 6 story house on North America 1 was just raided by hackers who looted all of our crates through walls. There was only 1 wall blown open into a room with nothing in it yet every piece of metal/gun/anything important has been scoured from our base, assuming using the now-popular multihack that lets people loot through walls among other things.

I went and checked on US East 3 where I also played and the SAME thing happened on that server. All my stuff in my little one story house was gone but all the doors/walls are still intact.

Are there any admins that monitor for hackers and actively ban them on the official servers? Or do we just have to deal with this sort of thing until VAC can hopefully ban them?

Rust isn’t a source engine game so it has little to do with VAC. VAC outwith the source engine isn’t much use.

I can’t speak for everyone but personally on my server there really isn’t any way to monitor everyone.
From crashing when you teleport,
to not having a player list to actually teleport to,
it is hard to moderate servers at this time.

Also: Yes VAC is present, however it is not an active solution. It logs the crap hackers do and bans in waves.

VAC is multi-platform…

Another event, two nights ago I was killed by an aimbotter who did a 180 degree split second headshot on me after I snuck up on him.

So in essence we’re at the mercy of the hackers right now until the Devs can figure out some countermeasures?

The vast majority of its features don’t work outwith the source engine

If they could add in a player list function, and an offset teleport so that I dont teleport directly inside someone I think I could do something with that.
Until then, I would suggest joining small servers like my own or many others. (When this exploit is fixed >.>)

They dont care about hacker, they rather make a riffle or helicopter, those are cool thing.

VAC, Punkbuster, and the rest of the anti cheat software all give you the false thought of security. but in the end the hack makers are always one step ahead.


Just FYI to OP. Even though it could quite possibly be hackers, how do you know they didnt simply rebuild your walls after they destroyed them?

Blow 1 wall, go in a 1story house, replace it. None of this requires “hacks”


You would think now the devs are obviously aware of which hack is being used the most, they could reverse engineer it and patch the injector/whatever immediately.

It’s also very early in the morning, and most of them have lives. I’ve only heard of lives, but apparently they do exist and a lot of people have them.
“Immediately” in the game industry is like “As soon as we can figure it out.” And things don’t always go as planned.

vac has nothing to do with the source engine, from what i remember, it scans memory or some shit for signs of injecting, or altering data
it has NOTHING to do with the source engine, you are painfully uninformed and now i have to bash my head against my keyboard to get all the stupid oufughsijufh dgfh,.hg ,d/.h, d.,gh dfghl d

At this point VAC seems like a twelvie talking shit. We don’t know what it does and doesn’t detect, or whether it’s even banned anyone.

It doesn’t really help anyway - it may or may not get rid of them in the long run, but people who will cheat will often make an account JUST for that game and anyway, in the meantime we have to put up with it and presumably test the other aspects of the game while getting noclipped and aimbotted. The promise of a VAC ban in a months time is hardly a solution.