Are there people interested in good EU hosting?

Hi everyone. I noticed most GMod hosters are American (hence > 50% of FPers are American).

Are there people interested in hiring good quality EU gameservers?

  • 32 slots GMod server (Windows 2008 R2) with unlimited/fair use policy traffic & disk-space
  • Fast-download on separate server included
  • Server hardware: Intel Xeon, Intel SSDs (means faster map loading etc.), 1 Gbit connection
  • Only one gameserver per CPU core (means you won’t notice anything if other customers can’t control their servers)
  • Location: euNetworks datacenter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Great links to other countries.
  • Custom controlpanel with ability to view traffic, player amount graphs, view average & current CPU usage, restart server, support for SVN add-ons etc. etc.
  • Daily backup of server files and weekly backup of fast-download files
  • Support through IRC, Steam, Xfire and e-mail
  • Always on default port (27015)

Is a price of 26 euros (including VAT) per month realistic (~ 0.83 euros per slot)? And would you be interested?

Please note I’m not offering anything (yet)! This is just to see if people are actually interested in affordable high quality European servers.

You would have to define:

before I would even consider it.

I mean that especially the fast-download server will only be used for game/server files, and not for other random file hosting that gives a lot of traffic.

If you run a popular GMod server with map, model, lua file downloading. There won’t be any problems related to traffic or disk space.

So you would be fine if I set my rates to 50KB/s-100KB/s on a 32 slot server, even if it was full or is there a limit on what you would allow?.

That’s why I said it’s FUP. If you run a GMod server with normal rate settings or optimized/higher rates it’s all fine. However, having too high rates can indeed become a problem. Although I don’t expect rates becoming a traffic problem for us or the customer.

If I’m recalling correctly. GMOD feeds mainly off the first core. Some apply cores would be useless.

You can force srcds to use specific cores. Works fine here. :slight_smile:

As you can see, CPU usage is spread across all 8 logical cores.

I expected more replies if people would be interested. But 0.83 euros per slot seems to be lower than the average GMod server costs, while you get less than what we offer.

So I guess this could work. :slight_smile:

You also have to take in the business aspect of the hosting as well.

Of course.