Are there really a lot of hackers in Rust?

I have almost 90 hours played and have only seen one duper. It seems that people are making it out that 1/4 of the player base are aimbotters/hackers.

Enough to get the playerbase riled up. But I wouldn’t look too much into it, if you haven’t been given problems by any then I’d just keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.

VAC has revved into gear and hackers are getting the message.

No game will ever be 100% free from unpleasant players though.

lots of people who get killed mostly say they there is hackers, like today there was 2 guys I killed one with one bolt shot in the head then 2 shot to kill the other one so as I killed them without even missing they called me an aimboter lol

I’ve been playing Rust for about a month now and I’ve met only one hacker so far.

Garry stated that there are allready over 1000 VAC bans!
so YES there are a CRAPLOAD of hackers dude

Ya I’ve played on about 12 servers since I got the game, I’ve had dupers appear at times, but they leave after causes chaos, another server I was on wiped and toggled PvE for a bit while some hackers were doing a headshot script or whatever. I myself was getting killed from some symbol named character on an official server a week or so ago, but no way to prove that the 5 times he killed me were hacking, even though he headshot me each time. L33t Skillz ya know?

So ya, hackers/dupers exist, but I’ve seen less and less of them, so I am thankful. Only thing now is to find a server with non-abusing Admins, as they spam C4 when you become a threat to them, and just destroy your buildings.

I really hate badmins, a lot of it is 12 year old kids who call aimbot even if you miss

I’ve only encountered one hacker (Someone using the suicide hack, which is fixed now) but outside of that, there’s been nothing else.

I’m at around 80 playing hours and I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with hackers.

Ive been playing this game for a couple of months now. I started playing before hackers were bad. I would go weeks or months without a hacker, now there are 10x more than there were sense it has been released onto steam.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of hackers.

It depends where you play. I play on west coast servers, and they all appear to be relatively clean. I’ve only seen a small handful of hackers in the whole time ive been playing.

I’ve only actually seen jump/flight ones and had the displeasure of falling victim to the old suicide hack a few times. Funny thing was only once I was actually the target. Because I didn’t whine about it in chat(as whining would be giving the “hacker” what they really wanted) every other time was when it was set to effect an area.

I have run into plenty of them on the main servers. If there are 2 or more cheaters on at one point, they can cover enough space to ruin the game for an entire server. Since the last big ban it’s much better, the suicide kill meant you could basically live for about 5 minutes. Because the cheat has ESP they know exactly where every player is and they fly to them one by one and grief.

To be honest with you, last night was probably the first time I was on for more than hour and did not see one myself or see people typing about one in the chat for weeks.

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I have run into plenty of them on the public servers. With no admins they are basically untouchable until they get bored and leave. If there are 2 or more cheaters on at one point they can ruin the game for an entire server. Since the last big ban it’s much better as I think a lot of the early cheaters thought they would get away with it. Now the cheaters are just angry little trolls who know they will be banned a few days and they just want attention.

To be honest with you, last night was probably the first time I was on for more than hour and did not see one myself or see people typing in the chat about one for weeks.

Just two days ago I had one trying to grief me outside my house. At first he tried to act like he was a normal player but it became obvious when he tried for a shot in the dark with my head just barley peaking out for less than a second. He knew exactly where I was because he had ESP. I called him on it, he denied until he flew up onto my roof and was pointing his laser through my roof. I don’t think he realized his laser would be going through so once I called him on that he admitted and just kept trying to grief. To be honest, the ones that talked he so far was the worst, just an angry troll.

We go back and forth with some fun banter until he threatens to come back with C4. I told him I will see him soon. Generally speaking, if cheater says he has C4 and is going to get it, they are always lying. If they had C4 they would be carrying it since they usually just spawn and then kill players to get their supplies until they get bored or kicked. He disappears and then about 2 minutes later the chats starts lighting up as he trolls others.

The problem right now is they have god mode enabled meaning you can’t kill them. At least before everyone in awhile you take them out the old fashion way.

Few tips for dealing with cheaters

  1. Don’t ever call them hackers, it only feeds their ego. Call them cheaters, they hacked nothing and simply installed software. Anybody here could do the same thing.

  2. Stay in your house even if they say they will come back and take everything if you don’t come out. They don’t have c4 and have very short attention spans. They used to be able to slip into your house through the roof but I have not seen that for weeks.

  3. Log off, take a break. Remember they are not playing the same game as you so let them play by themselves.

  4. Look up, you will be surprised if you start looking in the sky more often how often you can spot them.

  5. Don’t get upset as start spamming the chat, that’s what they want. Feel free to let others know where one is and what they are doing. Just be sure your right. Getting killed by a head shot when your looting a box and not moving does not equal aimbot.

In my first 8 or 10 hours of playing the game I saw at least one player flying/superjumping and/or speedhacking on more than half the servers I played on.

There is definitely a hacker problem but that is to be expected in any online game especially one in Alpha.

We have had some hackers on our server. We even got one hacker that managed to wipe the server.

Come to official servers, a frustrated hacker that I’ve killed from my base’s window came back to my base after 10 minutes and started blowing through every door in it starting from the top (super-jumped), while at the same time aimbotting me through the walls each time I respawned in one of my beds. He gained almost nothing and has spent 9 metal doors worth of C4 just to satisfy his epeen and frustration.

@title. Go figure.

You all acting like there aren’t hackers probably aren’t PVP’rs, or you’re on PVE servers.

No, not really.
Hackers are stopped pretty quickly by third party anti-hack systems, and are usually VAC Banned every update. The reason we hear so many reports of hackers is why we hear so many reports in other games, people go “Hm, who would be the best target” and figure that someone who is a known live streamer would make them a good target.
So you have a bunch of kids seeing livestreamers getting attacked and they suddenly thing, “OH MAH GAWD, HAXORS” when realistically its maybe one or two hackers per server going around and hunting down live streamers to get attention.