Are there RP servers still up?

I recently decided to get back to Gmod, and i wanted to play some RP because it looks very fun. I was just wondering if servers were still up for it.

And if they are up, which one do you guys recommend? I kinda want to join the local law/combine.


Sure, just step into one of the 200 DarkRP servers up with 10-year old admins.

Or don’t. Really, don’t. there you go, mister.

thanks, ima sign up :slight_smile:

It isn’t serious roleplay.

If you want basic shooting civil protection, go for TnB, if not, head for another community.

Live in Fear is good if you want Fallout roleplay

If you want something very serious, well moderated, and not without its fair share of excitement and action, Starship Troopers RP is good. Look on the website ( ) for more info and the server Ip.

Starship Troopers, I found out that you can propsurf, run around outside that spaceship and bore yourself to death, OH, I FORGOT GETTING SHOT FOR WALKING INTO SOME ROOM.

Go back to Dark RP minge. I have never seen anyone prop surf, who cares if you can? We have a responsible and mature community, so nobody does stuff like that. As for running around outside the ship, you should do something called Roleplay, and either pretend to die or not go out in the first place! And boring yourself to death; go on at peak times or try some passive RP with other crew members. I also doubt you got shot for no reason, if you did please report the person and time on the website/forums.

It sickens me when stupid minges whine about good serious communities because they haven’t got the ounce of imagination needed to enjoy the roleplay.

We’ve all been there

VentMobRP or SlackersGaming. VentMobs gamemode is Applejack and SlackersGaming uses DarkRP.

I’m sorry, I didn’t think RPing as a *guns that you can’t use less you get banned shop owner actually took imagination. We all learn something new every day!

*Forgot this was DarkRP we’re talking about.

WTH are you on about?

Vent Mob. DO IT.