Are there servers with Phase Four out there?

I remember playing that a long time ago, t’was plenty of fun. Was wondering if it was still around.

Stuck up a P4 a couple of days ago along with a Tiramisu 2 server and it’s done reasonably well., could hop on when there’s players if you’d like.

On my way! :slight_smile:

You’ll have to come when there’s a good 15 of us at peak times, it’s looking a little sad and lonely at the minute.

Yeah, no one was talking, all the models were errors and I didn’t remember what to do, so I just left. :<

Oh well, thanks anyways. (Check your friends invite, by the way)

P4 was awesomely fun. You had to be on the server from the start of it though to actually do any good as the server player’s progressed, as usually it ended up being two or three huge teams of people :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously considering it.

I owned a Phase Four server called DeadZone-RP.
It was popular all the way through until another community thought they were in a competition because I owned the biggest Phase Four server at the time.

By that point, one of the coders from the other community found plenty of exploits and leaked them out to the public and kept some personal to himself.
These were obviously deliberately made so Kuromeku/Conna/Kudomeku or whatever his name is could kill servers that weren’t licensed to run the gamemode.

By then, the gamemode was an exploit. Everyone could dupe money, have unlimited storage space etc so I closed the community down and never found anything else of it.

I still seem to go on Phase Four servers, try these exploits and they still work. (Not harming anyone’s servers, just checking if fixes have been made. Obviously not.)

I was going to make another Phase Four server but a lot more advanced than my old community used to be but that won’t be happening until these exploits are fixed.

TD;DR: I had a community, other communities got mad, exploited the gamemode. I closed the community and today, exploits still exist in the gamemode.

Don’t count on anything being fixed by C16, word has it Phase Four has been discontinued which is a shame and weren’t you known as Creative Killer back then?

it’ll never get fixed. lol.