Are There Still S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Servers?

I used to be part of one of the first, but it didn’t last long because my computer couldn’t handle it.

Now it can handle it, so I want to get back into it. Anymore servers?

Not anything stable.

See here

This was made by a very helpful user of HGN. the Owner has just finished the new improvement to the map (Yes we have our own map!). A complete “wipe” happened and everything is reset (faction rosters, leaders, tooltrust, phystrust, characters etc.) You can get a good start while there is time. You do have all the basic facepunch fag gamemode bashing replies but it uses a heavily modded version of Cakescript.

Content pack

Thanks! This is great :smiley:

Yantar was a very good STALKER server, but when it went down to complete scriptwork the person who was doing said work had his STEAM account deleted.

the link right now is

were having some issues with the website so sit tight

Be nice if I could download the content without having to register and sign up… I just want the STALKER Content and so on, so I can make pictures.

Well you can get that from, to some extent.
Registering takes 5 minutes, and gives you access to the whole website. The reason we have people sign up is because we want them to use the forums and be more involved in the game. We also ported a lot of material, so we want people to sign up and download the files so they recognize it belongs to us. If you want to make poses, then sign up and download our content :slight_smile: