Are there weapons packs that are free to include in gamemodes?

Elaborating on the title:
I’m want to use a swep pack like the CS:S Realistic sweps, but I’m not sure that I would be allowed to include them in my gamemode. Does a pack exist that is free to use in gamemodes and/or to modify and redistribute? Or even a base that the creator would be fine with redistribution? I’d rather not write my own from scratch since i’ll probably botch it anyway.

Every pack ever is free to use in a gamemode, except for MCPB which will spam client’s screens with ‘HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA’ if your gamemode isn’t sandbox

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And even then no one is really going to stop you if you deleted the code that does that. Pretty much you can use any pack on workshop or released publicly, just for the love of god don’t use realistic CSS.

Realistic CSS is usually okay - as long as you remove all of the effects beforehand.

The effects are 50% of the base though
Mad Cow is just overall superior and solid; Worshipper did a much better job there than realistic css weapons