Are they planning on adding any rideable objects?

Does anybody know d try are planning on adding anything rideable to make traveling long distances a little easier? Like cars, horses, or anything else?

This is the type of question you need to do a search on before posting. There are hundreds of threads about transportation of many kinds.

At the moment there are vehicles in the game but they can only be spawned by admins and devs. These are placeholders and its currently unknown whether they will fit into their future vision for the game.

If ever there was a topic just ripe for a mom joke…but yeah anyway…there is the ability to ride objects in the code with the broken car that you can spawn. The helicopter is supposedly at some point going to be usable by players as well. So I would say it’s a very distinct and probable possibility.

They have a vehicle but its disabled because its buggy. In the future there will be vehicles.

I hope there will be horses instead of cars.

There already are rideable objects… you just need to type in censor.nudity false to see them.

Any evidence to support that claim?

No, not that. I knew about that.
I’m talking about “In the future there will be vehicles.”.