Are they still giving keys for drawings?

i was just wondering if they were still giving out keys for drawings?

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the three other threads on this/didn't read the sticky" - postal))


okay ty just wondering <3

Other questions are…
have they given out any keys at all yet? if so, who got them.
If not, when is this competition finished and the keys given out to those who spent time to participate, + are the winners going to be displayed?

Ive been wondering about that for days and no answers yet… They’re much too silent.

Keys have already been handed out, check the edits on the first few replies. Also talked to a guy called G-Force who was given a key for his submission

i just want to know what page are they at

I really don’t see how this is an answer as there is nothing on the thread from Garry about giving out keys to certain people, or in the first few posts after his.
Next you’ll be saying to look at page 24 or something.
There needs to be a bit better organization for this competition as it is now out of control An I doubt even Garry knows how to handle it.

I’m waiting patiently…refreshing my page every few minutes for my drawing submission when I’m at my pc…one can only hope =O…Planning to stream the shit out of the game though… New stream though, wish I had enough viewers and hopped on the stream key giveout earlier >_<…lol.

im new how do i post images?