Are we able to view a workshop file's lua code?

Where exactly does the workshop save things to, are we able to view the lua code?

If not, I can understand not wanting people to have your code, but there should at least be an option for the creator to make it available for the public. There are some cool things on the workshop and i’d like to see how some of them are done.

The workshop files are saved into garrysmodbeta\downloads as *.gm files.

There was a tool on here to extract those files but i cant seem to find it again.

Huh, turns out I can open the *.gm file with notepad++ and it’s got the lua code right there. Awesome.

This is why I’m not releasing any of my good stuff. I don’t want kids slashing up my stuff.

If the kids attempt to edit your workshop file with notepad, they will pobably
A) damage the file by saving it in plain text mode, or at least
B) trip a hash check and get the addon re-downloaded.

Only the super advanced crustacian noobs shall be smart enough to actually place the lua code into their own addon and properly extract the resources.

I think the dumb-user security is reasonable.

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lua can also be obfuscated, although I have never seen anyone in the GMod community do it. At least the variable names, local function names and file names would do something.

Hopefully not.
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