Are we all supposed to die like this?

I don’t get it.

The editing is pretty good though. Posing could use some work but not bad.

Yes. all of us.

there is no point of this picture, just tried the new hair edit, so that is all :slight_smile:

p.s. we all are 2007 :smiley: funny

this makes me think of my emo girlfriend

This is where the fun stops.

A bit too small in my opinion.

cause u’re '06



Without the editing,this pic would be a load of shit.


oh shit bra dats coo!

Ridiculous posing,weird point of view,and you said “just tried the new hair edit”,either you don’t accept criticism,or are just 12.

It’s a little bland, and the posing isn’t really good. I’m just telling you my opinion, to be honest I hope to see progress on your later screenshots mate.

the composition weirded me out first, but then I got it right. Pretty neat.

The hair is really weird. Looks more like feathery chocolate pudding spewed all over her head.

Yeah because “lolz withoot editzors this be shiz” is criticism.

I’m pretty sure “Ridiculous posing,weird point of view” is,and this editing thing is obvious,he did it for a test with EDITING,you can see,the posing is pointless and not worked.It’s safe to assume,without the edit work,with only the ragdolls in the same pose,with the same ambient,even with Super DOF,would be low-rated.


I think there is a point, it looks like the guys in the background are going to be executed and the girl is hiding but dissapointed that she already knows that she is next