are we EVER going to get multicore rendering back?

i dont want to have a supercomputer to play gmod at over 45 fps because a feature prominent in all other source games is missing, due to the fact that it crashes SOME systems. wouldn’t it take more effort to remove the option than leave it?
without multicore rendering on csgo, my fps drops to sub 60fps, with it however it’s above 150fps

multicore rendering is important, what makes it removal justified?

Doesn’t it have to do with running hooks and instructions in the correct order?

nope :xfiles:

It does, I remember somebody saying that GMod 10 had some sort of kludge to make Lua system and multicore rendering coexist without breaking everything.

Surely you can isolate Lua to one core?

It is actually in the game, you just need to run a lot of console commands, and it’s sort of buggy.

You can, that’s what said kludge was doing, if I remember correctly it was some sort of queue for rendering hooks.

What are they though?
I know of gmod_mcore_test 1, but nothing else.

cl_threaded_bone_setup 1
cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 1

r_threaded_client_shadow_manager 1
r_threaded_particles 1
r_threaded_renderables 1
r_queued_ropes 1

studio_queue_mode 1

gmod_mcore_test 1

There’s a few more that aren’t stable in a post Willox made that’s buried somewhere.

let’s see how stable it is aye
how many cores does it utilize? 2? 4?

Some derma menus can be crashy, some materials tend to vibrate almost. Otherwise it’s really not bad.

no issues with this at all
fucking amazing

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found the post ur on about

seems to only use 2 cores. its less stable than single core because it randomly crashes, but you can easily get over 100fps on optimized maps/servers (that and derma/3Dtext seem to spaz between AA and no AA which makes it ‘vibrate’)

In what way does one enable all those commands? I can’t seem to get any noticeable FPS increase.

Oh, is it just going to the start menu and entering the commands? I was on a server when I tried it. :v:

Well damn, went from 60fps to 90fps on carcon.

I wonder if this is why I always get a ridiculous framerate compared to everybody else. I’ve probably still got this all enabled.