Are we getting a Pipe Rifle?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if their are any plans to add in a pipe rifle?
Something like the “waterpipe shotgun” but made for medium range, bit like the bolty but maybe only single shot and not as accurate?
I think it could be good to have a “known from the start” medium/long-range weapon.

Anyone else agree

Like the bolt action pipe rifle in fallout 4?

I was more thinking of the one in fallout 2 its a one shot then reload.
Basically a pipe with a firing mechanism.

Load slugs into a pipe shotgun. Congratulations, you now have a pipe rifle that is also quite powerful.

The slugs aren’t known by default though. What is the range like on the slugs?

you mean something like the semi auto rifle?

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Oh oh I understand now

slugs ?

See above /\

Yes and no! I like the idea man! But bows and crossbows are the weapons you should use until you reach the thompson/ak/bolt in my opinion. I like the bows too much to leave them. So I guess when the new XP system will be there it must be like: bow level 3, crossbow level 10, your pipe gun at level 20 and bolt/ak and stuff at level 30. Yeah, then it will work out for me:) (This is just my opinion!)

True, True. A bow is always good fun I have to agree…I cant hit shit mind you but it is still fun.