Are 'Women' in going to be added to Rust??

Just asking?

A bit too much man love going on v:

Then the developers have to start making feminine hygiene products.

If you bothered to search before posting, you would see that yes, it is planned.

Plenty of moss and leaves about :suicide:

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I did try that and could’nt find anything but thanks Jonnymad

Jonny you’re a noob, lol

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - MaxOfS2D))

Check this thread. one of the devs confirmed it.

They’ve found the amount of men that would roleplay as women would be far too embarrassing.

Well you are a plastic army man, I used to melt fuckers like you with a magnifying glass when I was a kid.

Too many of us to melt us all, MUAHAHAHA

oh boy, i can see all the posts asking for the nudity command in chat after females come out >.<

Its all about survival :slight_smile:

in order for our species to survive we need children, are we making a sex sim too :D?

I don’t want to see vaginas everywhere

I do.

If you’re looking for naked cavefemales then I don’t think this is the right site.

Is it weird I’m more comfortable without having naked female characters?

My group encountered a woman on voice comms… She was a spy and told her group how many of us there were and how weak our base was… I told them to kill her before they let her in… Boy was i right!

I can see it now… Women added in RUST and all the naked men chasing them down telling them to run little girl run… haha

Watch out if you’re a woman character, their menstruation attracts bears.