Are You A Good Person? in 3 flavors!!! and a bonus!!!! holy shiiiiiiiitttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really nice.

I should mention that the shadows were all grainy and I had to smudge them to shit by hand.

I always do that. Non-SFM Source shadows suck.

this is really damn good friendo. i couldn’t even tell the shadows were the way you mentioned

good work.

the vertical blur from the bloom is somewhat distracting

I love this picture. Kuyler’s right, the shadows are top-notch

for yer shad situation:

Song wins me over every time. Really nice!

he’s scary :(, why can’t he have like a smiling teletubby face

He’s using the pig mask and he hasn’t found a gun to hold? Damn.

Great screenshot, also Hotline Miami owns so much.