Are you able to check if the player has a model downloaded via lua?

Hey! As the title says I am wondering if you’re able to check via lua if the player has a model downloaded?
My idea with this is that you could check if the person has a particular game installed when they join.

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Or is there an easier way to do this?

Take a look at this:

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You will need to check if the game you are looking for also returns “mounted”

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You can also check if they have a specific file with file.Exists.
Something like [lua]if file.Exists(“models/mymodel.mdl”, “GAME”) then[/lua]

This is slightly useful if maybe you wanted to allow people to use downloaded models that aren’t actually mounted. (For some reason a lot of people just don’t buy CSS, this is especially true with second accounts and stuff like that.)

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Potential alternatives, might be worth a look.

Those only work if you’ve precached/loaded the model. It doesn’t even work right then, you have to physically spawn the model.

[lua]local MOSSMAN = “models/mossman.mdl”
print(file.Exists(MOSSMAN, “GAME”), util.IsValidModel(MOSSMAN), util.IsModelLoaded(MOSSMAN))
print(util.IsValidModel(MOSSMAN), util.IsModelLoaded(MOSSMAN))
RunConsoleCommand(“gm_spawn”, MOSSMAN)
print(util.IsValidModel(MOSSMAN), util.IsModelLoaded(MOSSMAN))[/lua]


true	false	false
false	false
true	true