Are you allowed to use not working vehicle models from the Workshop

Hello, GModders!

This morning I was in a great mood: I received my development server for my favourite server. Soon after I uploaded an image where I got one of the Protocol Gaming vehicles to work. However, when I came home from school I received a message from Rustic7, probably one of the minges around. He threatened me with a DMCA, (New killslick?), followed by telling that I was not allowed to use the content in any way.

The message I received

As far as I know everyone is allowed to use and modify anything placed on the workshop as long as you do not use it to redistribute, or resell it, which are not my intentions at all. All I need is some vehicles from the public pack, posted on the Steam workshop. Assuming there are files missing I fixed the missing files by making them.

Besides that, Rustic is not the person here to threaten me with a DMCA. Not only he doesn’t know the rules, he also keeps switching what he is thinking about it. First he states that it is against the law, followed by it being unrespectful, followed by alot of other bullshit.

ignore rustic he’s dumb

I know he’s dumb, but he won’t believe me, so I will have to proof it to him, even tough I spent too much worthful time in his bullshitting!

seriously ignore him

block him

he can’t do shit, he doesn’t own the content

A person online threaten DMCA Complaint over you just using a model of his? That in a way is a compliment and not only that you are NOT selling it. He approached it rude when he could have just asked and their is no way he is going to complete a complaint. That’s absolute bull shit. You’re fine.

There is a difference between Killslick and Rustic7… Killslick owns the rights to the game-mode PERP, and PERP was never released publicly, only leaked ( which is not an official release meaning the copyright holder still keeps the rights and can do what they want with it ). Because he owns the rights, he can do with it what he pleases.

If something is released publicly ( like content on the Workshop ), you may use it.

Alright, thanks guys!

Maybe that’s true, Acecool :wink: