Are you aware of the door hack?

It’s real.

I use standard settings

> find anti
 antihack.enabled         is antihack enabled at all (False)
 antihack.enforcementlevel 0 == no enforcement, 1 == kick, 2 == ban (DISABLED) (1)
 antihack.noclip_protection_level 0 == disabled, 1 == raycast, 2 == spherecast (CPU INTENSIVE) (2)
 antihack.flyhack_protection_level 0 == disabled, 1 == simple, 2 == advanced (CPU INTENSIVE) (0)
 antihack.speedhack_protection_level 0 == disabled, 1 == enabled (BUGGY - WILL RUBBERBAND) (0)
 antihack.maxviolation    violation value above this results in enforcement (1500)
 antihack.debuglevel      print out data regarding antihack (2)

This mean that is disabled? -> antihack.enabled is antihack enabled at all (False)

I don’t know. This hack has been live since 3 days and my base was looted by one of the door hackers. No damage to my base, just empty boxes.

So, this is fu**ing game breaking.

FP should say something about this because server owners are not aware of how to enable the NoClip protection.

Has anyone done any testing to see what the performance impact of having noclip protection enabled is? I’m thinking that may be the reason it’s disabled by default. I will do some testing of my own this evening.

Have you tested it already? I’m curious too about how much impact on performance enabling those options would cost.

I’m on a full machine, so it’s pretty beefy, but it does not add any visible strain to my box. Xeon E3-1270 , 16 GB RAM. ~6-11% CPU usage with 75+ players connected, 125k objects.

How much internet being used for that ± 75 players? (up kb/s and down kb/s)

I had ~1800 GB of bandwidth last month averaging 50+ throughout the day if that gives you any indication.

I hope that all server owners are aware of this. Some minor hiccups are fine compared to the amount of destruction that this hack is causing.