Are you bored of the gamemodes?

Is anyone else sorta bored of the game modes in garrys mod? I have been looking for new stuff to try/play, but everything that is new seems to be pushed down to the bottom where no one plays. I am just sorta tired of sandbox, darkrp, zombie stuff, cinema, and trouble in terrorist town. I would try to make a new game mode, but I honestly do not have any ideas. I can imagine that being the same issue with others, but I sorta feel Garry mod is sorta wasting away when nothing new pops up. I mean the game can almost do anything, yet we seem to be confined to the same old same old. Now don’t get me wrong those gamemdoes are fun to play every now and then, but lately every server just doesn’t bring anything new to the playing field.

sounds more like “Bored of GMOD itself”

theres shitloads of stuff to do, after all, you literally can make a game WITHIN the game.

Try going outside.
I hear the Real-life gamemode is pretty nice.
Great graphics.
Just remember you have no godmode and can’t respawn.

But the characters and story are shit.

Sometimes you find some fun mini-games though.

Tried Gmod Tower?

Like, those gamemodes you listed, while probably some of the most popular, are not the only thing this game has to offer. Go to the internet browser and start hopping between stuff that sounds interesting to you.

You obviously have never roleplayed as a blade of grass.

Since i have played 713 hours on gmod, im kinda bored of the populer gamemodes as: DarkRP, Gmod tower, TTT, zombie survival, Jailbreak and deathrun :confused:
Im thinking like to make something really new that no one have seen in any other gamemodes. and most of the gamemodes are the same which make it more boring to play.

Its not really the gamemodes. Its just the dose of which it is played in. 15 hours of DarkRP a day gets me bored in less than a week. Few hours each day keeps it fun. GMOD is a big playground with masses of idiots waiting to kick you off the swings for trolling pleasures (idiot kids). When they start to get you mad, you know you gotta throw in a little less throttle on the garrycopter.

Yeh but it’s filled with kids screaming over the mic all wanting admin.

(this is looking like something from yourtube comments…)

Garry’s Mod’s game modes can be boring if it stays the same. I mean, DarkRP, HL2RP, and all those other game modes have been out for a long time and at first they were fun because they were new and unique at the time period. But the game modes have stayed static which isn’t fun because it isn’t unique anymore, it’s just general. The game modes that we’ve had such as DarkRP can be great if there was a more unique way to play it. Right now actually I’m developing a new kind of DarkRP, I can’t advertise it here but I will in the Gamemodes & Addons section, so I guess just check my profile for when I post my advertisement for my server.

You’d not believe the amount of times I’ve heard “I’m developing a new kind of RP, It’s going to be different, better”.

I actually enjoy roleplay and the current roleplay gamemodes and I hate to say it, but anything roleplay always ends up the same, regardless.

this is the slowest roleplay game ever

they boast about how open world it is but you can only get shitty jobs and “Leveling” is broken, mainly because it also requires an insane boatload of money to get a real job, and even then, they are kinda shitty. Can’t even grind.

you can’t even respawn, you die and they’ll never let you play the game again, what kind of bullshit is that? Especially since so many people god mode. can’t even report people for money hacks, or if these so called “Banks” fuck you out of money

they even have a FOOD SYSTEM with this thing called a “Bathroom”. The best way to describe how stupid it is, is, “Life is like a box of chocolates, the more you eat the short it gets”. You don’t eat you die but you can’t eat too much really??? how do you know how much to eat?

whoever made this is a fucking idiot.

No, the role play will not be the same. You won’t be going around, becoming any job, advertising shops with /advert, OOC flaming, complaining about RDM and NLR and more. Plus it is a closed community so you’ll have to apply and be accepted in to actually play. If you’re interested tho PM me. ( THIS IS NOT A PURPOSE ADVERTISEMENT, ONLY A RESPONSE )

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Yeah, supposedly of this game named “Life” there is different groups of believers on who the developer is, there is something called God. Then there is numerous other developers like Zeus. So bizarre…

I think it’s open source

As-if IRL boxes of chocolate state after how many consumed chocolate chips you die? I’m pretty sure you are sketching off their system a little more idiotic than it really is. You probably didn’t care to take time and trial yourself by eating one chip by one. You probably ran onto the box and consumed it all hoping for 3000000 HP

Ever Played SAMP - LSRP? To be honest that’s the only roleplay I’ve ever played that was ever anything close to realistic roleplay standards, It took me 2 weeks and 3 applications to finaly be accepted into the server, once you get in, you’re prompted for a personal password that you’re given once accepted, you have a small amount of starter money and you do what you will, you can get jobs such as ‘Truck Driver’ which allows you to grind for money driving packages around the map to different locations, each building is enterable and has permanent furnishings / ownership, the police are serious, they have a lengthy application system, only open applications once a year, have to go through a length police academy, and once you graduate you can go out into the open.

That was to clarify for those who don’t know, I’m talking about San Andreas Multiplayer and Los Santos Roleplay, each server has a good few hundred people on it.

Also is your gamemode still in plans or do you actually have something playable?
if so I’ll send you a PM, I would be interested in seeing what you’ve got.

Oh lord YES. IM-RP. LSRP pissed me off.

Grab a few of your friends and join a gamemode which isn’t so popular.
I personally hate that the server list is the way it is. Every new player is just seeing the ones at the top which already have a player base and don’t even think about scrolling down.

I’ve seen so many great gamemodes die because they just didn’t get enough exposure.
Kinda sad really.

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