Are you done playing rust?

I cant play this game anymore. Cant play for any more than 1 hour or less without running into a group of hackers. So we log in…oh your boxes are empty from a no-clipper. run around for an hour or two as a group gathering resources to rebuild and get ready to raid. Leave to raid get a bit done then have a guy jumping insanely high blast some people. We run back to base only to have it under siege by 4 guys clipping and high jumping.

The childish moderators on the forum changing post titles is stupid. I had a thread suggesting a spectator view be added and have moderators there to ban people as needed. The current state of the game between DDoS attacks and the hackers is unplayable. I might be ok and put up with it but the disclaimer of being banned for cheating when I bought the alpha key originally led me to believe it wouldn’t be DayZ all over. Updates/communication are far and few between and all we ever get is “its alpha”. Guess what people are getting sick of the game and are going to look elsewhere.

My locked thread:

It’s an alpha who gives a flying fuck

Uh… Everyone who enjoys playing the game? Just because a game is in alpha is no reason to not even acknowledge the fact that hackers are taking advantage of the players who invested time and money to play a game and help guide development down the right path through testing.


What don’t you people understand about that?

i agree with stacker. yes its in alpha. but hacking and no clipping needs to be adressed as much as the game development as a whole, and grow with the game.


You’re joking right? All your babies are just mad you can’t enjoy a game because there’s hackers. You play for fun you don’t play to test. Keep telling yourself that though.

Let’s be pretty honest here, about 90% of the feedback is stupid bullshit like DERR add this gun xDD omg add pants :(((

I have not seen a single good original idea ever pop up in this forum.

lol it’s an alpha. If you really can’t handle it not running like a finished polished game all the time than that’s your own fault for not reading the store page carefully enough. They’ll fix things when they can, you’re just gonna have to learn patience and deal with them not doing things in whatever order you want. They’re not gonna leave things like this, but developing a game takes time and isn’t as simple as just snapping their fingers and making all the bugs/exploits vanish away.

They update their blog every few days, max posts his progress in the chat threads, and the other devs are constantly replying to people here on the forums. That’s pretty far from too little communication lol.

Hey retard, if everyone quits and stops playing whats the point of early access alpha? It will take longer to develop and once people get turned off to a game they are less likely to return.

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I have to say yes on the poll but only temporarily. There is some major problems with the game and it is becoming more and more apparent what needs to be fixed. There has been countless threads about suggestions for making the game better and fixing some of the issues that people face on a regular basis. The way I see it is the developers gave us this game in its alpha state and they will do the major updates closer to the beta status. Right now optimization is important and making it feel more polished. Then I think once they get the go ahead for steam they will do updates more frequently or risk losing some customer base. Just my 2 cents

BTW LOL at the BAN Hammer