Are you familiar with "Dental Torture"? (Description: Chick holding a guy hostage.)

Oh yeah, she’s back.
Ghost in the shell inspired.
(Rain does terrible things to your hair =D)

Mothafuckin badass.
How did you do the rain?
What filters did you used?

She’s cross eyed.

Is that… faith!?

You bet your melodramatic ass it is.

The rain was a process of using some in photoshop (i think render clouds) to make “background rain” then jusing a rain brush to make raindrops near, then using a 1 pixel brush that is white to create splashes.

No filters were used on the image itself, i just do my general light desaturation, higher contrasts, and either lower or higher brightness.

I call them her little retarded eyes :3

Shes a cyborg after all, maybe a malfunction, HMM?

Get a better manufacturer!!1

You’ll have to accept the fact that cyborg manufacturers in the future suck.

How is Faith cross eyed in the picture?

No idea, she looks fine to me.

rated you late :buddy:

rated you useful :downs:

Is the title a reference to Marathon Man?

Rate you artistic.
Nice screenie ^^

Nope, it’s a reference to what she says in Ghost in the Shell. she takes a guy like this from behind when they are in a facility, pulls out her knife, and says something to the fact of “You know… I’m guessing you’re familiar with dental torture, am i right? I bet you’ve never been on the receiving end though.” Then after a few seconds she whips him in the back of the head, and he falls to the floor unconscious.

Thank ya.

Make a phone call to Cyberdyne :ninja:

But I STILL don’t get it why people call it “she”, I’d rather say “it”. If the whole god damn body is made of plates, circuitry and wires, then I’d say “it”.

Is it safe?

Because her ghost is female, and she still has her original brain inside of a brain case in her head, therefore, “Cyber brain”


She looks like shes dead.

The splashes aren’t very good.