"Are you familiar with dental torture?" (Medic operates + extra)

Since Halloween was coming up I started to focus more on the Medic’s flamboyant deadliness
Obviously inspired by that one dude who made the GITS stuff

** The Medic professes his music in the Meat Locker **

I can’t find a way to deal with that weird shadow in the first picture.

You can get rid of shadows like this:

Aim at the object, open the console and type ent_fire !picker disableshadow

Other than that, posing on the 1st picture is passable, but the Medic’s posing on the 2nd picture id ok, but other than that it isn’t that good.

I fail to see what makes it just ‘passable’

You didn’t do much. Medic standing over Soldier that’s lying down with a hook and a knife.

Is he putting a turd in his mouth?

It’s a hook. But VALVe failed to make the skin look rusty, and colors are little yellowish, so it looks like turd.

Second picture is the better here. But why is he mangling his teammates.

(Spy around here)

I honestly thought the hook was a turd as well. XD

Nice theiving of the title there(From that faith pose)

We should all shed a tear for the scouts mom

Also it is kinda funny she is the only blue and medic is red
…Team Killer!