"Are you going to eat that?"


You like? :smug:

Engineer must be scared shitless.

This is not a chocolate helicopter, I don’t see why they would be interested. D:
Awesome picture, awesome idea.

The Heavy makes an awesome Coach.

The heavy with the axe looks like he is going to kill him if he doesen’t give it ,but smiling at the same time.

I imagined the heavy killing him while smiling like that and I lol’ed.

Also the pic is really nice, nice posing and its funny.

I can tell that people enjoyed this.

We need an ellis skin for scout.

That already happened.

I wonder what he’s gonna use the axe for, hmm.

That reminds me…

I lol’d.


Niggah stole my chocolate! D:

the black heavy skin is great !

The last guy who said the N word was crying in RC.

What? That doesn’t make any sense… I got the N word but not the RC.