"Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?"+extra edit

^favorite line
Mr.Blonde…and his coke


Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/dm_steamlab00031.jpg
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6Px9Yz4aq8&feature=relatedskip to 7:05
**!Extra!:**posing done by Joazz


Rate Please

The cigarette smoke on the first guy … it’s like he’s a chimney O.O

Second one is badass, got a wallpaper resolution for it?

^all you really have to do is rght click on the picture and choose set as back round and is comes out fine…its my backround two

His shoulder is big.

No, i think the smoke is alright, a like too opaque maybe, but the glow looks like its a lit match.

I love what you did with the second one. The splashes are too opaque though.

Nick is smoking a light bulb. Second picture is good. Splashes not so much, but I like it.

The first one would have been perfect if it wasn’t for his right massive shoulder.

The second one is fucking badass.

You gotta love the Black Templars. He shoulda’ made him the Emperor’s Champion with a shield, although I don’t think there are any good models for shields. Power swords ftw. A plasma pistol would have fit too. Anyone elses favorite army BT? << >>

yea… i would agree the black templars are definently one of the coolest

I want to see a model with all the details of the Champion’s armor.

Then head over to relicnews.