Are you having a hard time making it in the world of "naked bandits",

Are you having a hard time making it in the world of “naked bandits”,
unable to establish a home in the conditions that you are being presented.
We have recently rented a new server in which we have tried something no one has done before
many servers have active admins and lay claim to being the best about helping you out with your gaming experience
but, This server doesn’t make just those same basic promises, instead we have built many small tenement style buildings, which
will provide players with a place to live as soon as they jump into the server and will save you from all of the naked killers.
these tenement style buildings were also built to incourage alliances between neighbors.

So If you are tired of kevlars walking all over you, or just want to learn the ropes before going out and fighting it out
on the dev and official servers drop on in and let our team of admins take care of you and get you a home of your own.
Join: FreeHouses-Friendly-PVP-VPR

Above is a picture of one of the many tenement buidlings that we have prebuilt over the course of 4 days to make your
stay much more comfortable.


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Due to the DDOS attacks we have had limited access to the server.

With this in mind we are not sure if any of the pre-built bases have decayed?

I will try to be on tonight around 12.30 am –UK time ( if I can access to the server )

I will be building and rebuilding bases—If you are on please say hello----I may even build a base for you where you want it.

Happy gaming everyone!!!


confirmed as working!

Ok thanks!! I will be on in 2 hrs so if you are about please say hi!

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It seems the DDOS attack is on-going again and the server update did nothing!!!

Really wish I could get on my own server…sorry to everyone whos tired…

Well was not even able to logon to my server…:tinfoil:

Bad Times!!!

Well the server is back up!!