Are you new at SVN?

You’re not allone!
I couldn’t find any treads about the SVN only…so here it is!

What you first need is the “Totoisesvn” you can get right here:

Then you might think: “And how the **** can I use that?”
Ok you might wanna get WIRE? Well here is what you do!

Go to your desktop, and create a new folder. Call it “wire”.
right-click on it and find the “SVNcheckout”. Press on that. now you’ll need an URL. Go to this side and there you’ll get a pretty good wiew of how you do the thing.

You’ll need to take all the files out of the wire folder on the desktop, and the put them into the addon folder, which you’ll find in "Computer/(C,D,E)/Programs/Valve/steam/steamapps/(steamusername)/garrysmod/garrysmod.

To get stargate go to avons stargate page:

After mooving the files from the desktopfolder into the addons folder, you can dele the DESKTOPfolder.

To update just rightklick on f.x. wire model pack 1 and select “SVN update”. Now it need the password again. Its the same one as the downloade password on avons stargate page


Why not just create the folder in your garrysmod addons folder?

Idk…it’s just easyer to figure out:D
And because one of the inner files you need to put in addons is named “wire”

OR you can just use the better written, official Wire SVN guide. (7-_-)7

It’s clearer, uses better spelling/grammar, and it’s been around for quite some time.

I’m just happy that people get all the help they can get:D
That’s why i created this tread:P

I’m all for helping people, believe me. However, tortoiseSVN is one of the simplest and most straightforward things that you can install on your computer (besides an OS).

If they truly needed help, they could stop being lazy and actually find out information for themselves. There are plenty of guides out there, and it’s always best to look for an official guide made by the people that made the software you are trying install. Hell, if you can’t even follow their guide you could always email them.
Finding stuff trial and error style is something more people need to get into the habit of. Or perhaps just using logic and common sense. :expressionless:

Oh wait.
I forgot that 90% of the topics in help/support are simple “I don’t feel like googling” threads and that people don’t like thinking. :doh:

I totally agree…I’m just tired of hering it ingame all the time;D


oh lol^^…ok:D

was on the second page of Garry’s Mod Discussion. and it’s linked to in about half the topics involving addons or stuff being out of date

I’m still :doh: -ing that people even NEED a tutorial on how to work an SVN. Although the list of a few of the major SVNs is still a nice touch.

Then again…there’s people like this…

Ok, so I’m not new at SVN’s and I have used them for a while now, and do to an unfortenit accident with my hard drive melting i was forced to reinstall GMod, and all my addons were lost. since then I have been rebuilding, and I have run into a problem, the SVN links for Star Gate and Wire Mod will not go through, I have used all the methods I know to make it work and i can’t. so have any of you run into this problem before? or know how to fix it? it may be do to the fact that i am running Windows 7 also.

I’m pretty sure none of us will ever learn anything from you.
So sit back and link people to shit, don’t write your own drech.

Ive got a problem. I used tortoise svn to download addons for Gmod Tower(which went to the Addons folder) but i havent downloaded wire svn and when i go to download it i cant find a svn checkout. What do i do?

Because you’ll get tons of unnecessary .svn files that will drag your Garry’s Mod down to the pits.

Edit: I just realized that I’m half a year late. Whoops.

Ok Drwho18;D
Here’s what i would do:
Check if the link even works on the internet, if not, google “Stargate svn / wire svn”, and see if you get any usefull websides^.^

I had kinda the same problem (I just deleted all my steam stuff :’/)

Sorry for the late response, but its a long time seens I’ve been on^^


Ok Stueythekiller :smiley:
Have you tried using wiki or google codes? the webadress is the svn-link^^

Did you even look at the post date of this thread?

Yes, I did. I just found it relevant to the discussion, and the post above me said 7 minutes ago, so as it had already been bumped, I decided to post a useful link.
Do you have a problem with that?

I know about the other poster above you

But you came in here posting this link here most likely thinking this thread was newly made and that the OP never saw Divans thread before