Are you now forced to have spheres as eyes?

One thing that I liked about Source 1 (rare statement) is how eyes worked, source shenanigans aside they were very customizable.

The way they worked is that it projected the pupil on a surface you choose, be it a flat face or a literal cube, then you set up the radius, maximum rotations, a hypothetical center, etc, now it’s the usual “the eye is a ball joint” every other engine uses:
These 3 are all of the options you’re given? There has to be a way to make, say, a flat-ish ovoid eye?

Is there a way to replicate this in source 2? Just look at how good it worked! That’s a flat surface, part of the head, not even eye shaped!


You know, all source bullshit aside. They had to have some guy that really liked eyes back then. They might’ve not let us easily modify proportions, or have metalness shaders. But they sure outdone themselves with the eyes.

Edit: Talking about proportions, seeing as that model has custom proportions, is it easier to do proportions (without making new animations and stuff) in src2?

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I wouldn’t know, I’m afraid it might be even harder since we don’t have any “proportion trick”, the model only has animations from the Pokemon games so it’s not subtracted at all.

Worst outcome would be needing to use a 3d software like blender to modify the animations to fit the skeleton, best outcome resizing is done automatically, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Looking at the work Sam is doing I’m sure there’ll be some way for people to implement their own eye shaders, even if it’s as simple as just porting the old one over from the source 1 SDK.

Ah right, custom shaders are a thing, I saw that there was a “VR Eye” shader which at first looked like source 1’s but I couldn’t get it to work, worse even, you couldn’t disable the eye glint! That annoying little white spec of light that plagues source 1 as well.

@Sam does this pique your interest in any way? A shader like Source 1’s that allows having eyes made from any surface instead of simply spheres, truth be told this is mostly useful for anime playermodels and other weebery, which are pretty popular doe.

Source 2 already has a shader for eyes but it’s pretty much just used for the eye glint, iris or whatamacallit, the only option for eyes is using an eye bone :pensive:

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Hey Grodbert, it should be possible, yeah, I haven’t looked at anything like that yet but I think it’s better implemented as a custom shader, expanding the standard shader to give support for it should be trivial

Documentation for it should be coming to the wiki in the coming days