"Are you ready? Two minutes, and we're gone."


And a little something else.


First one reminds e of Bourne Movies, and awesome with the second one!

First one is pretty rad, but the composition seems skewed on the second, making it difficult to enjoy, even though it’s posed very nicely.

Love the first one, don’t like the 2nd one because really, who can really perform a fireman’s carry on someone that weighs about 300 pounds with their gear when you yourself are also carrying the same gear they are?

US Army soldiers are trained to perform the hawes carry, and not to use the fireman’s carry.

The Hawes Carry:


holy damn the colours in the first one are neat

I can’t see your pictures. Would you mind reuploading them?

Working on that, my dropbox is suspended for heavy traffic.

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There you go.

I love how you know this because you went through basic training last year.

Yeah it doesnt make him as cool as the nerds who aren’t old enough to attend basic training, who learn that and similiar military stuff through googling it right? :))

Neato pictures, 2nd one is wonky imo but the first one is cool